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Make More Money in Your Restaurant this Thanksgiving with Metal Buildings
22Nov 2021Metal Buildings

Make More Money in Your Restaurant this Thanksgiving with Metal Buildings

Make More Money in Your Restaurant this Thanksgiving with Metal Buildings

Understanding What Thanksgiving Means to Individuals

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the US, with people taking the time to enjoy special time with the ones they love. Thanksgiving has evolved into the modern holiday we now enjoy, and the main characteristics of the day include a lot of food, delicious drinks, exciting football games, and massive parades, all shared with friends and family.

If you are in the restaurant trade, then Thanksgiving is also a time of hard work and preparation as customers book tables so that they don't need to cook at home!

With one in ten American adults set to eat out this Thanksgiving, restaurant owners are looking forward to higher sales and bigger profits than ever before. If you are a restaurant owner, then maybe now is the time to consider whether you have enough space to accommodate all the potential guests that will want to come to your place this year!

How You Can Increase Your Total Revenue This Year

If you are keen to make the most of this year's Thanksgiving in your restaurant, then we have a number of ideas that can help you pull those customers in – check them out now:

• Marketing Ideas

The best way to draw in an increased number of clients is to improve your marketing and get noticed more! From putting up posters, delivering leaflets, and taking out adverts in local publications to contacting regular customers and using social media – there are hundreds of ways that you can get more bookings. The one essential rule when it comes to marketing is that anything you choose to do, do it thoroughly! The more effort you put in – the better results you will achieve, so take the time to plan a strategy and then put it into place.

• Create a Festive Menu

There are a number of 'traditional' thanksgiving foods that your customers will expect to see on the menu, so now is the time to think about what you will be offering and how you will present it. Many restaurants work on offering traditional flavors but in a new way so that your customers will leave feeling wowed by the creativity of your team. Get your catering team to start planning something brand new with all the elements of Thanksgiving included - you are sure to impress everyone that visits your establishment!

• Think About Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving has become a hugely popular event for people who are unable to travel home for the holidays or who are without a family to celebrate with. You can tap into this new-style event by offering Friendsgiving evenings in the run-up to Thanksgiving and even having a space reserved for Friendsgiving parties so that everyone feels that their needs are catered for. If you have a strong community in your area, then why not host your own Friendsgiving for anyone that is alone this year – not only will you make a profit, but you could help people who are lonely to connect with new friends too!

• Think About Discounts

All consumers love a discount or promotion, so why not apply this marketing logic to your restaurant too? Think about offering a free seat when a booking exceeds a minimum number of guests or offer a kids eat free promotion to appeal to families that want to go out but can't afford to pay for everyone. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it will apply to the type of customers you are hoping to attract so that you have a higher chance of success.

• Create Multiple Revenue Streams

A restaurant does not need to just offer a thanksgiving menu to be enjoyed inside the venue. There is a wide range of other options that you can offer too. For example, think about offering a takeout service or a cook at home package deal that provides each customer with all they need for a delicious meal, prepped and ready to cook. If you have a bar in your restaurant, you can even consider offering a drinks delivery with your meals, too, with wine pairings or specific beers, spirits, or cocktail packages. Ultimately, the more streams you have on offer, the more you will make – but take care to ensure you have enough staff to fulfill every order you get.

Make Enough Space with Metal Buildings

If you are worried that your restaurant is too small or not fit for purpose this Thanksgiving, then maybe it is time to invest in something new. Metal buildings are a great option and will ensure that you have the space and atmosphere that you need to max out your profits. If you are unsure why commercial metal buildings are the best choice, then take a look at our three top reasons:

1. Profit Margins

it is important to make the most from Thanksgiving sales to tide you over well into the new year. If you buy commercial metal buildings, then you will be getting access to a more affordable option, leaving you with a greater income than if you opt for a traditional build.

2. Design Needs

from clear span metal buildings to specifically shaped buildings, metal building kits are the best choice. You can fully customize everything you need so that your new building offers your staff and your clients the perfect environment for the holiday season.

3. Construction Time

to make the most out of the holiday period, you need to get your new build-up and built quickly. The good news is that clear span metal buildings are seriously quick to deliver and install, meaning that you can make the most out of all the holidays this year.

The Benefits of Metal Building Kits

In addition to the low commercial metal building prices, there are also a number of other benefits that you can look forward to:

1. Low Operating Costs

Metal buildings are more economical to run and so reduce the amount of money that you have to spend on energy bills and other operating costs.

2. Value

As steel is so durable and cheap, you will end up with a building that can last for many years with very little maintenance needs.

3. Environmentally friendly

If you are keen to support the environment whilst you work, then steel is the best choice and is also completely recyclable, meaning that your building works for the climate, not against it.

Coast to Coast Carports is Here for You!

If you want to invest in a new building before Thanksgiving this year, then Coast to Coast Carports has the solutions you are looking for. Our team is the leading supplier of metal buildings across the US and will work hard to meet all your needs, including delivering and installing free of charge.

Get in touch with our team today for your quote, and let us help you to have a successful thanksgiving. Call us now at (866) 681-7846 – you won't regret it!

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