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24Jul 2023Metal Buildings

Residents in Arkansas Demand TOUGH Structures


People in Arkansas are frequently subjected to extreme weather, which can cause significant damage to buildings and businesses. As a result of this volatile climate, the region is seeing a growing demand for structures that can survive harsh weather while protecting their valuables from potential damage.

Metal buildings are an excellent option for Arkansas residents that need a structure capable of bearing intense loads withstanding high sustained winds. In this blog, we’ll explore these structures and explain why steel construction is one of the wisest ways to invest in your property.

Why Steel Structures Are Known for Their Durability

Steel structures offer exceptional toughness and resilience against high winds, making them an ideal choice for many Arkansas residents. Let’s look at some of the wind forces that these buildings face and why they’re perfect for the job:

1. Sheer Load

Sheer load is the vertical load that acts directly downward on a structure. Thanks to the inherent strength of steel, metal structures can withstand high shear loads while remaining stable and not losing structural integrity.

2. Lateral Load

Lateral load refers to the horizontal force that acts parallel to the ground, exerting pressure on the sides of a structure. Steel buildings have great lateral load resistance, allowing them to withstand extreme forces exerted by strong winds.

3. Uplift Load

During storms or tornadoes, the uplift load, also known as the upward force, can occur. This is the force that rips roofs from buildings. But thanks to their advanced engineering and anchoring systems, a metal building stands a higher probability of surviving extreme winds than traditional structures.

What Other Factors Contribute to the Durability of Steel Buildings?

Apart from withstanding intense loads, other factors contribute to the overall durability of steel structures. Let's take a closer look -

1. Snow Load

Arkansas can experience heavy snowfall during winters, which puts significant stress on buildings. These buildings are designed to handle snow loads efficiently, offering the strength to resist the weight of accumulated snow without structural damage. This makes them a reliable choice for residents who want to minimize the possibility of damage during harsh winters.

2. Wind Load:

The windy conditions in Arkansas demand structures capable of withstanding high wind speeds. By using advanced design techniques and materials, these structures can withstand the pressure exerted by strong winds, ensuring stability and safety in all weather.

3. Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is another critical aspect of durable structures. Arkansas residents understand the importance of protecting their properties from the devastating effects of fire. Steel is inherently fire-resistant, making it an ideal choice for construction projects of all types and sizes. Unlike other building materials, steel does not contain any elements that can fuel a fire and can maintain structural integrity in temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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