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18Sep 2022Metal Buildings

Are Carports and Metal Buildings Considered Permanent Structures? Here’s What You Need to Know


What Makes a Structure Permanent?

Metal Buildings and Carports come in an extensive array of sizes, shapes, and types. Some are simple outbuildings used to store your garden tools, while others might be large, fully finished homes. But what exactly makes a metal building permanent while others are not? We’re glad you asked! Any outdoor building directly affixed to an unmoving foundation is classified as a permanent structure. Some examples of these structures include garages, barns, and even homes. Below, we’ll dive deeper into what differentiates these two classes of metal buildings and help you decide what is the better option for your needs.

Permanent Structures and the Laws Surrounding Them

Most local governments have regulations limiting certain structures' construction without proper permits. The codes behind these restrictions are intended to ensure buildings are safely engineered and constructed for their inhabitants. For example, some counties require all steel buildings above 300 square feet to have permanent concrete footings. These codes include metal garages, metal carports, and metal agricultural buildings. So, suppose you've been thinking about adding a metal building or carport to your property. In that case, you'll want to check carefully with your local building inspectors to determine the exact rules surrounding your building type- before you break ground.

Should I Get a Permanent or Temporary Structure?

No matter what style or size you choose, purchasing a metal building is a big investment. But there are varying degrees of investments. For example, some folks might want a quick, affordable option to give their tools a home in the backyard, while others may need heavy-duty metal warehouses. It all comes down to your budget and your needs. Here are some things to consider:

1. Project Timeline

How fast do you need your new metal carport or steel building? If you’re in a time crunch, a temporary structure may work better for your requirements as they can be moved about more quickly than those attached to a permanent foundation.

2. How Will Your Building Be Used?

Do you require a metal building that can be moved around your property? Or are you seeking something that’s anchored down?

3. Budget

Whether or not to choose a permanent structure over a temporary one will often come down to your budget. For example, temporary prefab metal buildings are frequently more cost-efficient than their permanent counterparts.

4. Weather Conditions in Your Region

How’s the weather where you live? One fundamental aspect that may determine your metal building needs lies in the weather patterns in your region. If you regularly see high winds, heavy rainfall, and snow accumulation, you may want to invest in a permanent structure that’s designed to handle it.

5. Permits and Zoning Laws

Does your region require metal buildings of specific sizes and types to be permanent? Some localities will have regulations and procedures concerning certain building types. Some areas may outright restrict temporary structures. Failure to adhere to these laws can result in significant fines and penalties.

6. Durability

Here’s where the rubber meets the road and where the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true. In the metal building industry, temporary structures have a track record for not possessing the longevity of their permanent cousins. As such, you'll be faced with the question of how long you expect your steel building or carport to last.

Most permanent metal buildings are designed with galvanized steel and specialized paint, making them resistant to UV rays, moisture damage, rust, mold, and more. And thanks to these defenses, they’ll last for decades if properly maintained. Depending on the quality of your temporary structure, it may not have these same resistances.

7. Future Plans

Everyone grows, and your needs today might not reflect what you need a few years later. This is another advantage of permanent structures, as they're engineered for easy expansion. You'll easily be able to add new sections, lean-tos, or even extend carport covers as necessary to keep your things protected.

8. Certifications

The certification system is a standardized process that dictates whether a building can withstand each region's wind, snow, and seismic forces. In many cases, temporary structures are not required to be certified. This is not true of permanent installations. Most localities will require permanent structures to be fully certified before issuing permits.

Permanent Metal Buildings and Your Property: What You Need to Know

What makes an investment different from any other purchase? For one, investments tend to increase in value over time. And this is especially true of permanent metal buildings. If properly permitted and certified, home appraisers will include your metal structure in your property valuation. Permanent metal buildings will effectively increase the value of your property should you decide to sell your real estate.

Additionally, the cost to insure a permanent metal building is often cheaper than it would be for a traditional wood structure. As a result, insurance companies usually base their premiums on the relative risk of a particular building type. And since metal buildings are resistant to rust, rot, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, they're among the safest building types on the market.

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