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Do you love traveling in your RV? It can be a great joy for the whole family to go camping whether you have a large RV or a small camper! However, owning a recreational vehicle is a huge responsibility. You have to keep your valuable asset in top condition and safe from all kinds of hazards.

Coast to Coast Carports offers durable, long-lasting camper carports and metal camper covers to protect your prized vehicle. You can trust the best metal building manufacturer in the United States to provide the best steel camper carports available. Call Coast to Coast Carports now at (866) 681-7846 to get a quote -- don't forget to ask about free and fast delivery!

  • Outstanding metal carport, available at an affordable price.
  • Made from the highest-quality, galvanized, American-made steel.
  • Engineer-certified carport to meet your state codes.
  • Flexible, fully-customizable, and adaptable to fit your needs.
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Steel Camper Carports at Coast to Coast Carports

If you've got a recreational vehicle and have no way of ensuring its safety, don't worry, Coast to Coast Carports has got you covered.

The steel camper covers from Coast to Coast Carports are available at any size and length. The company thoroughly realizes that no one recreational vehicle is the same size or of the exact dimensions, so they have building specialists that are fully equipped with the expertise and experience to deliver on all fronts. Buying a recreational vehicle is a considerable investment. You can trust steel camper carports from Coast to Coast Carports to provide security and safety from all sorts of damage and even theft.

The steel camper covers are highly customizable and can be designed in several ways and to your comfort. You can have a fully enclosed steel camper that provides optimal protection against all sorts of harm or an open steel camper that allows for easier maneuverability. You can redesign a steel camper carport into a fully enclosed custom steel garage. For more specifications on design and customization, call our friendly and expert design team at (866) 681-7846 for assistance.

Roof Styles for Metal Camper Covers

When Coast to Coast Carports designs a steel camper carport for you, you should understand that no part of the structure is purely aesthetic. They all have specific qualities and functions.

The roof style of a camper carport may seem like just another roofing style to you, but many thoughts and considerations go into the choice. The roof styles of your metal camper carport are your recreational vehicle's first line of defense against the weather, so it has to be very strong and durable. Coast to Coast Carports has narrowed down three of the best roof styles for your camper carport. They are:

Regular roof style

The regular roof style is designed with horizontal paneling and curved corners. This kind of roof offers some reliability against mild weather conditions yet requires some maintenance, particularly after bad weather.

The regular roof style is also the most affordable option available, and this virtue makes it a prevalent choice for people on a strict budget.

A-Frame Horizontal roof style

The A-Frame horizontal roof style can also be described as the Boxed-Eave roof style. This type of roof is quite similar in design to the regular roof style. In fact, you can accurately describe it as an upgrade on the regular roof style. The A-Frame horizontal roof style also features horizontal roof paneling. However, professionals design the roof to form an A, which serves as a great buffer against harsh and high winds.

Building specialists recommend this roof style for moderate weather areas that don't experience much snowing and torrential rainfall.

Vertical roof style

People regard this roof style as the most popular and best roof style among the three options. The vertical roof style features a significant departure from the design and build of both the regular and A-Frame horizontal roof styles.

The vertical roof style has vertical roof paneling. That means it is easier for debris and snow to slide off the top of the building. This roof style is also reinforced with various steel components, making it incredibly durable and reliable in terrible weather.

Customization Options for Camper Carports

To enhance customer satisfaction and provide you with the opportunity to design your ideal metal camper carport, Coast to Coast Carports presents you with customization options. The customization options give you total authority over the safety and protection of your recreational vehicle. You can design and redesign to your heart's content or till you're satisfied that your recreational vehicle has adequate protection.

Here are some of the customization options available:

  • Sizes: Coast to Coast Carports can manufacture and design any steel camper carport size you require. The company understands that recreational vehicles come in different sizes and dimensions, so they have a fully fitted customization workshop and a team of well-trained specialists to take your orders. Whatever the size of your recreational vehicle, trust Coast to Coast Carports to deliver to your specifications.
  • 12 and 14-gauge steel framing: the steel frames offer durability and strength to your structure. You can choose between the industry-standard 14-gauge steel frame and the more durable and thicker 12-gauge steel frame. Regardless of the one you choose, Coast to Coast Carports offers an exclusive 20-year warranty on your camper carport.
  • 26 and 29-gauge roof sheeting: the roofing sheet gauge is also a vital customization option. The roofing sheet is basically your recreational vehicle's first line of defense—the durability and load-carrying capability of your roofing sheet count for a lot in the long run. The 29-gauge roofing sheet is the industry standard, while the 26-gauge roofing sheet is more durable and reliable.
  • Certifications: sometimes, whether your building becomes certified or not depends on your area building codes and regulations. But that, notwithstanding, Coast to Coast Carports can provide you with a high-quality steel camper carport that is capable of withstanding any pressure and force.
  • Anchors: anchors hold your building down and add to its structural integrity. You can choose from a variety of anchor options. However, building specialists advise that a concrete foundation will provide better stability for your metal building. You can also choose to go with a granite anchor or a ground foundation.
  • Colors: colors help ensure that the design of your metal camper carport complements your property and landscape. You can choose from a flexible option of 13 color codes provided by Coast to Coast Carports, those colors include Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Slate Blue, White, and Sandstone.
  • And more!

Camper Carports & Enclosed Camper Garages

Your camper carports are versatile and easy to customize. You can easily transform a camper carport from Coast to Coast Carports into an enclosed camper garage. All that is needed to effect this change is some doors and windows. This procedure can be completed in record time by the team of building experts at Coast to Coast Carports.

The enclosed camper garage offers more protection from the weather, damage, and theft. If what you want is total protection for your recreational vehicle, experts recommend that you go for one of custom enclosed camper garages from Coast to Coast Carports. Call a building specialist at (866) 681-7846 to know more about the enclosed camper garage.

Steel Camper Carport Prices and Financing Options

A recreational vehicle is a costly investment, and that makes keeping it safe doubly important. The best way to do that is to get one of Coast to Coast Carports’ affordable custom steel camper carports. Rest assured that the price of a steel camper is worth is the protection it offers. Also, certain factors like your customization choices can cause an increase in the overall cost of your camper carport.

However, if you're on a budget, Coast to Coast Carports has two financing options available for you at flexible and customer-friendly terms and conditions. Among these options include a rent-to-own option and a financing program.

Camper Carport Kits for the Fast and Easy DIY Project

Coast to Coast Carports also provides high-quality and affordable metal camper carport kits for people that like doing their installation by themselves. You should understand that this option will save you a significant amount compared to the overall cost of having a specialized installation team do it for you.

Camper carport kits from Coast to Coast Carports contain all materials and components you need to install your metal camper carport successfully. It is also easy to assemble and install. Call at (866) 681-7846 for professional assistance or if you have a question about DIY camper carport kits.

The Most Durable Yet Affordable Camper Shelters Available

The professionals at Coast to Coast Carports take pride in providing the best customer satisfaction possible. If you need prefab camper carports and metal camper covers, you can trust this made-in-America business. Call now at (866) 681-7846 to learn more about camper carports from metal building experts. You can take advantage of an exclusive 20-year rust-through warranty as well! You can enjoy camping year after year thanks to your steel camper carports from Coast to Coast Carports.

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