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Residential Buildings

Plan, customize, and buy a residential metal building to your desired specification and enjoy exceptional quality with durability that will last for many years.

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Explore Our Residential Buildings

  • AFrame Horizontal Carports
  • A Frame Horizontal Garages
  • AFrame Vertical Carports
  • AFrame Vertical Garages
  • Boat Garages Sheds
  • Camper Carports Shelters
  • Gambrel Barns
  • Horizontal Roof Barns
  • Horse Barns
  • Raised Center Barns
  • Regular Style Barns
  • Regular Style Garages
  • RV Carports
  • Three Car Carports
  • Three Car Garages
  • Two Car Carports
  • Two Car Garages
  • Utility Carports
  • Vertical Roof Barns
  • One Car Garages
  • One Car Carports
  • Loafing Sheds

Why Residential Metal Buildings Are Great


No matter what your needs are, residential metal buildings are highly versatile and can be adapted and changed as per your desire.



Choosing a residential steel building is not just a sensible choice but a cost-effective one too. The overall value of steel is cheaper, meaning materials to build metal buildings are cheaper too.



By using steel, you will be getting a building that can handle extreme weather conditions and will last for many years, whilst remaining in great shape and not showing wear or tear.


Quick and Easy to Install

Residential building kits are quick and easy to install as long as you have taken the time to prepare the site properly, leveled the area, and installed a base on which the building can be built.


The Diverse Range of Prefab Residential Buildings

Prefab residential buildings are exciting because they offer so much potential. With a diverse range on offer, we’ve listed the ones you can look forward to choosing:

  • Metal Carports – protecting your vehicle from harsh weather conditions is essential. Metal carports are able to do this will ease. They come with a range of different design options so that you can personalize them to your taste and the number of cars you own.
  • Metal Garages – choose a metal garage when you want to store your vehicles and other items securely. Choose from one, two, three, or more car spaces and enjoy the organization it brings to your life.
  • Metal Barns – do you want space for livestock, feed, or equipment? A metal barn can provide you with a clean, dry, and secure space to suit your needs.
  • Metal Building Homes – are you looking for a way to live sustainably? Metal homes are a great choice! Each building can be built to the size you need with the customizations you want.
  • Barndominiums – want to live in a chic converted barn? Try a Barndominium instead and get the functionality of a barn and the luxury of a barn conversion in one place.
  • Metal Buildings with Living Quarters – Need a home above or next to your working space? Install a metal building with dedicated living space. It is perfect for when you want to keep an eye on your business after working hours.

Meet Your Needs with Customized Prefabricated Residential Buildings

If you want to build a residential building using your own design ideas, then this is more than possible with metal buildings. You can customize a large number of options and enjoy the end result – a building that reflects your style and meets your needs.

If you are keen to understand how you can customize your residential buildings, then take a look at the options available:


When it comes to sizing a residential building, you can either choose a standard sizing option or create your own size to suit the land available to you and the height of the house that you want to achieve.


There is a range of roofing styles that you are able to choose from, including:

  • Regular roof – if you are looking for a classic style, then the regular roof is a good choice. It will remind you of a barn and is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.
  • A-Frame Horizontal roof – otherwise known as a boxed-eave roof, this roof is popular with people that want their finished space to look similar to their home. The horizontal panels are also a good choice if you need a larger space.
  • Vertical roof – one of the strongest roof options on the market, this roof uses an A-frame with vertical panels that offer a greater level of reinforcement so that you can be confident that it has the strength to do what you need.


We all have different colors that resonate with us, and being able to choose the color that suits your style is a real benefit with residential metal buildings. Here at Coast to Coast Carports, we offer 13 different color options so that you can make your building an extension of your personality. Choose from Black, Burgundy, Clay, Sandstone, White, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Barn Red, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, and Slate Blue.

Doors & Windows

Another great way to customize your new building is to choose the windows and doors that reflect your style. The options you have are endless, and any shape or size can be easily incorporated into your design.


Your anchors are an essential part of your new building because they provide the structure on which the rest of the building is attached. Customizing these allows you to create the effect that you want to see, especially if you are leaving them exposed.

12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing

Picking the thickness of your framing is an important step in customization. If you live in an area that is at the mercy of extreme weather, then opting for a thicker frame will provide you with more support during storms.

26- & 29- Gauge Roofing

If you have chosen a thicker frame for safety and protection purposes, then you will probably want a thicker roof too. Choose from 26- and 29- gauge options to suit your needs.


When it comes to deciding whether to opt for certified or non-certified residential buildings, then your best bet is to first check out whether your local area requires you to or not. A certified building is one that has been designed with extreme weather in mind, whereas a non-certified building is still a strong choice but will not come with the paperwork that a certified building will have.

Wainscot/Two-Tone Lap-Siding

Having a two-tone finish to your building is a popular choice these days and can be easily incorporated into the design to give you a premium finish.

Things You Must Consider Before Installation

While we work hard to make designing, buying, and building prefabricated residential buildings simple, there is a range of things that you must consider before installation day arrives. The following information will help you to understand what is required:


Picking out the best site takes time, and you will need to ensure there is a space that can be cleared and leveled as well as having access to any utilities that you will need to hook up to power your new metal building.

Site Preparation

Prior to installation, you will need to clear any debris or vegetation at the site and the peripheral area so that the installation team can access the site with ease. You will also need to level the area and pour your foundation slab ready to be built on.

Zoning Restrictions

These differ depending on where you live, so you will need to contact your local town planning office to find out the restrictions and limitations before you start to build.

Building Permits

Your local municipal office will be able to confirm whether you need to apply for any building permits before you begin the installation. Get everything organized and in place before you agree on the delivery date.

Local Environmental Conditions

Before you agree to buy a steel building, make sure that the one you want will be able to withstand the weather in the area you live. Opting for thicker gauge materials and professionally designed builds is an essential step when you live in a place that experiences extreme weather conditions.

Covering the Cost of Your Residential Buildings

While metal buildings are far more economical, you still need to find the funds to be able to afford one. From customization to location and manufacturer, there is a range of costs that you will need to consider. However, with Coast to Coast Carports, you can choose to apply for financing or rent to own so that you can get your new building quicker than ever before.

Buying Your New Metal Building Kit

If you want to save money and still enjoy a new home, then why not choose a metal building kit instead? These kits come ready to install with clear instructions so that you can build it yourself and save a ton of cash. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your new build coming to life, knowing that you are responsible for the success.

Choose Coast to Coast Carports for Your Residential Steel Buildings

If you are considering installing residential steel buildings, then your best choice is to buy from Coast to Coast Carports. Not only are we the first choice across the US for steel buildings, but we can also provide fully certified and customized designs that are made specifically for you.

All of our buildings come with an exclusive 20-year rust-through warranty and have been designed with the most up-to-date metal building expertise available. We have professionally qualified and well-trained individuals who will put your satisfaction above all else.

With fast and free delivery, Coast to Coast Carports is the only logical choice – call us today at (866) 681-7846 to get started.

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