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26Jul 2020Metal Buildings

Why Steel is a Great Choice for Equestrian Buildings?


Horses are beautiful and unique animals, and the relationship they share with people is equally beautiful and unique. It’s truly no surprise that so many people gravitate toward these majestic animals and the culture that has arisen around the various passions associated with equestrian ventures. With so many people embracing their love of horses and horseback riding, it should come as no surprise that barns and other equestrian-related buildings are in high demand. From securely storing all of the gear needed to properly care for the horses to safely housing them from the elements, metal horse barns have become a hot-ticket item for horse lovers all across the United States. To provide equestrian enthusiasts with the best quality buildings for all of their horse-related needs, Coast to Coast Carports has worked tirelessly to not only create customized steel horse barns that facilitate your passion but also establish the best team of customer service professionals who understand your needs and strive to meet them. Read on for more of what makes metal horse barns from Coast to Coast Carports the best option for your equestrian needs!

How Steel Meets the Demands of Equestrian Buildings

The demand for equestrian buildings can be unique and vary wildly from person-to-person or ranch-to-ranch. Because of these specific demands and the variety that equestrian ventures can encompass, the buildings used are often highly customized and designed specifically for the applications for which they’ll be used. We’ve highlighted a few of the key features of metal horse barns offered by Coast to Coast Carportsbelow, to give you an idea of the diversity and customizable options at your fingertips.

  • Size - The dimensions of your building will depend on numerous factors. Do you have one horse or 100? Do you plan to use your metal horse barn to strictly shelter horses, or will it be used to store equipment and other such items? Do you have plans to expand in the future? These and other questions can help determine how large your steel horse barn should be. Coast to Coast Carports can provide you with anything from a shed to a massive metal horse shelter - it all depends on your needs!
  • Insulation- From keeping your expensive equipment in prime condition to protecting your horses from the elements, opting for a metal horse barn allows you to utilize the best, most advanced insulation on the market. Not only does this help reduce the stress on temperature-sensitive items and animals, but it also keeps your energy bill low, saving you money. That’s more than just a win-win. That’s like a win-win-win!
  • Natural Lighting - Natural lighting is, of course, incredibly convenient when doing the many regular tasks associated with equestrian activities. From looking after the horses and cleaning stalls to maintaining saddles, everything is easier and more enjoyable in natural light. Perhaps more importantly, the horses will benefit from the sunshine, too, helping keep them happy and healthy.
  • Strong Return on Investment (ROI) - Whether you’re a dedicated hobbyist or equestrian pursuits are your livelihood, buying a metal horse barn is a significant investment, financially and otherwise. Anytime you make an investment, especially one with a long lifespan (like a building), you want to ensure that it will pay off. When it comes to steel horse shelters and barns from Coast to Coast Carports, you can rest assured that your ROI will be tremendous. From being a customized fit to your unique needs to being incredibly durable and long-lasting, your steel horse barn is sure to benefit you for years to come!

Steel Horse Barns from the Best

When investing in a metal horse barn, you shouldn’t settle for less than the best. You (and your horses) deserve the best - Coast to Coast Carports. With a reputation as the best manufacturer of metal buildings in the country - and the record to back it up - Coast to Coast Carports hands-down the best option when it comes to purchasing a new metal horse shelter. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of research or are ready to customize and buy your new steel horse barn today, give Coast to Coast Carports call on (866) 681-7846. A dedicated team of industry experts is ready to assist you in any way possible to ensure your needs and the needs of your horses are met!

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