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Coast to Coast Carports is one of the best manufacturers of metal buildings throughout the United States, with four manufacturing plants across the country dedicated to supplying the customers with some of the finest metal buildings on the market. As a result, we offer a wide variety of metal building types to fit any need or specification at competitive price points.

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Roof Styles For Metal Buildings

When customizing the many aspects of your metal building, choosing its roof style is one of the most important. Not only will the roof keep your property safe and secure year-round, but it also adds to the overall structural integrity of the building. You can choose from three roofing options here at Coast to Coast Carports, including a regular roof, A-frame horizontal roof, and a vertical roof. You can find more information about these roofing styles below.


Vertical Roof

Out of the three roofing styles available in the metal building industry, vertical roofs are the most durable and popular. Specifically designed with vertical panels and additional framing pieces, they are suitable for all climate types; however, they are recommended for areas prone to extreme weather. Keep in mind, if your structure’s length exceeds 36′, you are required to have a vertical roof installed.


A-Frame Horizontal Roof

Also known as boxed-eave, our A-frame horizontal roofs are also installed with horizontally oriented panels. However, due to their unique design and engineering, they are most often recommended in areas with some high winds, but very light precipitation.


Regular Roof

Regular roofs, which are the most economical and most affordable option in the metal building industry, are also the most standard. Due to their horizontal panels and unique round edges, they are best suited for areas with mild weather conditions.


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Metal Buildings Are Ideal for Any Need

Are you looking for a durable, versatile, and affordable structure for your different needs? Then, metal buildings from Coast to Coast Carports are the solution. These metal structures are built with galvanized steel, making them strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Coast to Coast Carports is the leading manufacturer of steel buildings, which delivers and installs high-quality metal buildings throughout the USA. We provide a wide range of metal buildings to meet your different needs and requirements. Our building range includes metal carports, barns, garages, clear-span structures, metal warehouses, and more. You can choose from our 100+ styles of buildings and can utilize them for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

All our buildings are fully customizable; from size and style to color and roof style, you can completely customize the structure as per your budget. Our team of building specialists can help you design and customize your dream steel building. We assure you that the final structure delivered and installed at your location will meet all your requirements.

Houses that were once built with attics and basements are now being constructed with bigger layouts and less storage space. If this poses a problem in your home, we have just what you need at Coast to Coast Carports – a prefab metal building. Whether you’re planning to store yard sale items, old childhood toys, gardening equipment, vehicles, or simple seasonal decorations, you can easily keep your property stored away in a metal building. Our fully-customizable metal buildings range from steel buildings to carports, garages, barns, and even 100-foot wide clear span warehouses. No matter what you need, we can help, and no project is too big or small for our friendly team of expert employees.

Quality Materials Make Quality Steel Structures

When it comes to investing in a metal building, there are several reasons you should opt for steel materials. Not only is steel the most recyclable metal building material used today, but it is also the most durable and versatile option. During manufacturing, each steel component is coated in hot zinc, adding to its overall durability. Not only does this protective layer allow the structure to easily withstand harsh weather conditions such as driving rain, high winds, and heavy snow, but it also protects the steel building from fires and pest infestations. If you’re looking to invest in a quality structure, be sure to have it designed and engineered with quality materials.

Customize Your Perfect Prefab Metal Building

After you have chosen the style of your steel structure, it’s on to the fun part! Here at Coast to Coast Carports, we give you control over the design and layout of your building, allowing you to create the ideal storage solution for all your needs. While we have a large collection of customization options to choose from, we’ve listed a few of them here below.

  • Roof Styles: Choose from our Regular, A-frame Horizontal, and Vertical style.
  • Colors: There are standard and premium color options available in both our trim and paneling.
  • Size Dimensions: You can choose to have standard size dimensions for your structure or custom dimensions.
  • Certifications: While some cities and counties require you to certify your structure, you can always opt to have it certified even if it is not required.
  • Additional Paneling: If you invest in a top-only structure or one that is only partially enclosed, you can always opt to have additional panels installed.

Use Your Steel Building However you Wish

When most people think of a steel building, they think of them as a storage unit or parking garage. And while this may be true, our prefab metal structures have a much wider variety of useful purposes. No matter if your needs are personal, residential, agricultural, or commercial, they can easily be fulfilled with one of these versatile units. We’ve listed several unique options below for you to take into consideration for your next project.

  • Animal Shelter
  • Greenhouse
  • Studio
  • Storage Unit
  • Entertainment Area
  • Guest House

Metal Building Sizes and Prices

When investing in a custom steel building, it’s important that you choose a set of size dimensions that will not only fulfill your current needs but also your anticipated needs. We offer various sets of standard size dimensions to choose from, or you can opt to customize them to your exact specifications. However, it’s important you remember that the size dimensions you choose for your structure will affect the final price you pay.

There are several factors we must take into consideration to ensure the final price of your structure is correct, including its style, added customizations, install location, certifications, and manufacturer. While these factors will greatly affect how much or how little you must pay, the primary differentiator is the size dimensions of your structure. We understand how important price is, especially if you have limited funds or prefer to pay with cash. There are two rent-to-own and financing options available at Coast to Coast to make buying your ideal metal building much easier. If you would like to know more about these available financing services, you can reach out to us today by phone, email, or visit our website.

Metal Building Permit Requirements

Depending on the city and county you live in, your local building department may require you to certify your metal building and obtain a permit before having it installed on your structure. This decision will be made by your city, county, and state according to their codes and requirements. It is your responsibility as the customer to find out if there are any permits to be acquired. If you reside in New Mexico, Coast to Coast will obtain any permits required by your local building department. Certified structures are specifically designed and built to meet the wind and snow loads required by your area.

We also offer drawings and calculations for certified structures. There are generic drawings that can be requested and site-specific drawings which you will have to purchase. In most cases, drawings are required in order for your permit to be approved for construction. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California require permits for most new projects, if not all. If you would like to know more about local building codes and permits, contact your local courthouse or building department for more information.

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No matter what your building needs may be, we can design and tailor a steel structure just the way you want it here at Coast to Coast Carports. If you can’t seem to find a standard design that suits your needs, you can take over and customize a building for yourself. When you partner with us here at Coast to Coast, you’ll never have to worry about your needs or budget not being met. Give us a call today at (866) 681-7846 to speak with one of our building representatives or feel free to take advantage of our 3D Color Planner.

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Ever wonder why it’s so hot and wet inside a metal building in the summer and so cold and damp in winter? A lack of insulation creates an environment that leads to these types of uncomfortable conditions. By adding the right insulation, you can keep the elements outside, eliminating condensation and extreme temperatures while creating a space that’s much more enjoyable. Whether you need a place for your workshop or room for relaxation, insulating your metal building brings endless possibilities



The best insulation for a pole barn will keep the inside of the structure cool in summer, warm in winter, and dry all the time. This is particularly important if you plan to hold any type of grain or livestock in your barn. A metal barn can get pretty hot in the summer, so insulating it before using it to house animals is crucial.