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The dream of heading on an adventure in an RV is one that many Americans have every year, with lots of them turning that dream into a reality. However, once the adventure is over, many RV owners are left stuck for ideas on how to safely store their RV until the time comes for their next trip. Metal RV garages are not only a great investment, but they will also provide you with a dedicated space to park your RV that is not on the road. From safety and security to keeping your RV in great condition, RV garages are the ideal solution – find out more about them now.

  • Made from top-of-the-line American steel, tough and built to last.
  • Completely customizable, perfect for your custom projects or storing cars.
  • Available both in 14-gauge steel frames and 12-gauge steel frames.
  • Insulation available to protect your metal garage for many years to come.
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Why You Should Invest in an RV Storage Building

RVs are an expensive hobby, and keeping them away from the harsh rays of the sun or the dangers of extreme weather is a must. RV garages provide you with the space you need to store your RV, but also help you to maintain your vehicle when it’s off-season.

Steel RV garages are the perfect choice as they provide a secure enclosure, need little maintenance, and are cost-effective, leaving you with more cash to put back into your RV lifestyle.

The Different Roof Types for RV Garages

Steel RV garages come in a range of shapes and sizes, designed to suit your exact needs. One of the first things you will need to consider is the type of roof you want your garage to have. Choose from:

  • Regular Roof RV Garage – this roof style is simple, curved, and comes with horizontal panels. It is a popular choice in areas with a temperate climate that do not experience high winds or excessive rain.

  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof RV Garage – this roof is similar to the regular roof in that it has horizontal panels, but it also has a boxed-eave construction that makes it stronger in areas that have a moderate climate with some strong winds and rain.

  • Vertical Roof RV Garage – this roof is sold as the most robust option as it has vertical panels and is designed to withstand some of the worst weather conditions and events possible. Perfect if you live in a place that has extreme weather.

Working Out Which RV Storage Building is Right for You

The main consideration when buying an RV storage building is working out the right size for your needs. The best way to do this is to determine the width, length, and height of your individual RV. To help you work this out, take a look at the following:

  • Class A Motorhomes – these motorhomes are around 10 feet tall and start with a length of around 21 feet, working up to 40 feet, and a width of around 12 feet. This means you’d need a garage that is around 14 feet high and up to 50 feet long, depending on the length of your vehicle.

  • Class B Camper Vans – standard camper vans are around 8 feet high and can vary in length from 16 feet to 21 feet, requiring an RV garage that is at least 12 feet high and around 25 feet in length, or more if you want to add storage space too.

  • Class C Motorhomes – like Class A motorhomes, Class C needs a garage that has 14 feet of overhead clearance. Motorhomes in this class can be up to 35 long, meaning that you should be looking for an RV storage building that’s at least 40 feet long.

Create Your RV the Way You Want

At Coast to Coast Carports, we take the time to offer our clients a wide range of customization options so that the end result is the perfect RV storage solution. Some of the customizations you can look forward to include:

  • Size
  • Roof Type (including regular, A-frame horizontal, and vertical options)
  • Color
  • Doors & Windows
  • Anchors
  • Certifications
  • And more!

Getting the Most from Your RV Garage

RV garages can be used for a wide range of other projects and needs, making them a sound investment even if you think you may not park your RV in it at all times. Some of the most common uses for an RV garage include:

  • Auto Repair Shops – as an RV garage is large and tall, it can also be used to house an automotive business, providing excellent space in which to service, repair, and maintain vehicles.

  • Residential Needs – metal buildings are strong, reliable, and durable, and they can be converted into excellent living spaces. With the height of an RV garage, you could choose to convert it into a residential space for friends or family to use when they come to visit.

  • Travel Needs – Having a space that can be rented to holiday makers is a great side income, and with an RV garage, you can create a stunning holiday home that works hard for you.

  • Agricultural Needs – if you want space to store equipment, feed, or even livestock, then an RV garage is a great choice and will work well on your land, helping you to enhance your agricultural work.

  • Commercial Needs – want to create a workshop, office space or storage for your commercial goals? AN RV space is simple to install and will give you the key to your commercial success.

Why Metal RV Garages Are Great!

RV garages are an asset and come with a wide range of potential benefits, including:

  • Strength – steel is a strong metal that can withstand a lot of pressure and will support your needs without any issues.

  • Durability – metal buildings are made to last and will continue to work hard for many years after installation.

  • Cost-Efficiency – the cost of installing and caring for a metal building is much lower than a traditional building, saving you cash and resulting in a better quality build.

  • Pest-Resistance – as steel cannot be gnawed through, there is far less chance that any pests will ever make it into your building.

  • Fire-Resistance – steel is also fire-retardant, meaning that if there is ever a fire in your area, you are unlikely to lose your RV building.

  • Easy Maintenance – aside from keeping an eye on the building and conducting an annual check, you will find that maintaining your RV garage is simpler than any building not made from metal.

Save Cash and Buy an RV Kit

If you love DIY and want to save even more on the initial cost of your RV garage, then buying a prefab RV garage kit is the perfect solution. All our kits are prefabricated in the US and then delivered to you ready for installation.

We provide everything you need in terms of the building, including extensive instructions, so that you can gather a team of friends and work on building it together. Not only will it save money, but it will leave you with a genuine sense of satisfaction!

Metal RV Garage Prices

The price of your RV metal garage will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Accessories
  • Steel prices
  • And more!

However, when you come to Coast to Coast Carports, you can be confident that you will be provided with a no-obligation quote and simple financing solutions. All you need to do is get in touch with your requirements and let our team talk you through the pricing structure so that you can decide how best to proceed.

Buy Your RV Garage from Coast to Coast Carports

When you are ready to invest in your new RV garage, Coast to Coast Carports is here to help! We have years of experience in the metal building business and offer excellent customer service, a 20-year warranty, and free on-time delivery.

Our team is available to help you customize your new RV garage, so that you can make the most of every inch of the new space. Simply get in touch at (866) 681-7846. and arrange a consultation so that we can help you purchase the RV garage you’ve been dreaming of – we are here to help, connect with us today!

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