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Best Winter Weather Protection for Cars

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Winter Protection for your Car

Best Winter Weather Protection for Cars

No two ways about it–garages are the best winter weather protection for cars. Logically, it makes sense that getting them under cover and out from frosty temperatures and icy rain, sleet, and snow is better for the paint job, the fluids, and just overall. Some people baby their vehicles with a heated garage, and that does have its advantages, such as keeping the oil warm so it readily runs through the engine. The interior of your car will be warmer, too, and any fenderbergs that traveled into the garage on your car the night before will have melted off by morning.

However, an unheated metal garage is the best option, especially if it is built onto your home. Your heated house will keep the temperature inside the garage higher than the outside temperatures, but it won’t be high enough to speed up the oxidation process that causes rusting and damage to your car. According to the Car Talk blog, snow, slush, ice, and salt that attaches to your car when you drive around on winter days, melts off as your car sits in a nice, heated garage overnight. The warm air, salt, and water are exactly what is needed to encourage oxidation.

Winter Protection for Your Car, Boat, and RV

Whatever you are looking for in a garage, you’ll find it at Coast to Coast Carports. Built from high-quality metal materials to your specifications, Coast to Coast Carports can install your metal garage next to your house or build it freestanding. Plus, all Coast to Coast Carports metal buildings can be customized to include everything you need, whether it’s insulation, lighting, or even heat. As the leading manufacturer of steel buildings, carports, and metal garages, Coast to Coast Carports stands behind all of their buildings, proudly offering an exclusive 20 year warranty on 12 gauge products. Get the best winter weather protection for your car from Coast to Coast Carports.

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