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Keeping Your Car Outside vs. Storing It in a Metal Garage
23Aug 2022Metal Garages

Keeping Your Car Outside vs. Storing It in a Metal Garage

Keeping Your Car Outside vs. Storing It in a Metal Garage

Wherever you live, you are sure to have seen a dilapidated car parked in a driveway that is covered in weeds and completely overgrown. When you think about that car, you will probably remember that it had no tires, was propped up on bricks, and never seemed to get any attention or renovation, slowly peeling and decaying more each week.

There are many reasons why this happens – from owners who have aged and can no longer drive to those who cannot afford the upkeep their car needs. However, there is a simple solution that will help you to avoid this fate for your car – metal garages!

Metal garages are not just a great way to keep your car safe and secure, but they also provide much-needed protection from the elements that work hard to damage your vehicle. It’s true that metal garage kits are an investment, but they offer you the ability to store your car until such time that you can drive it again or pass it on to someone else who can drive it instead.

Find out more now about prefab metal garages and learn all about the range of benefits they can offer you.

Understanding the 5 Different Climate Zones

When it comes to car damage, the climate has a lot to answer for! There are five major climate zones, with each one causing problems for cars that are not housed safely in a metal garage. The climate zones include: Tropical

  1. Tropical
  2. Dry
  3. Mild
  4. Continental
  5. Polar

One example of how a specific climate can cause problems is in coastal areas that have ongoing sea breezes. The breeze moves salt and sand around the area, which can cause damage to the paintwork of your car, chipping away at all and allowing rust to build up and causing damage that costs a lot to repair. When you install prefab metal garages, you can reduce the risk of damage due to these climate issues, helping your car to last longer.

Life of a Car in a Garage vs. a Car Left Outside

Understanding the difference between leaving your car outside and parking it inside a metal garage can help you to understand why investing in a garage is a great idea. Take a look at some of the key issues below and find out how a steel garage can help you avoid them.

• High Internal Temperatures During Summer Months

we’ve all gotten into a car that has been left out in the sun only to find that the internal temperature is just too unbearable. When you house your car inside a metal garage, you are able to keep the internal temperature to a minimum as the car will not be in direct sunlight, and the garage temperature can be modified using air conditioning if needed.

• Desert Conditions That Cause Humidity

When you live in a desert, you will get the combined effect of the coast and the heat in one. This means that your car can be damaged by sand and salt in the air as well as temperature issues that cause paint to peel, increase the internal temperature of the car, and fade the paintwork and trims. By storing your car in a garage, you can avoid all of these problems and keep your car looking younger for longer.

• Heavy Rainfall in Wet Climates

Heavy rain is never fun to drive in, but it can also damage your car if you leave it outside. From allowing water inside the car through faulty seals to creating an optimum environment for rust to grow, it’s always better to keep your car out of the rain inside. A metal garage provides the coverage you need and gives you the opportunity to work on your car even when there is heavy rain outside.

• Heavy Snow Loads

The onset of a snowstorm is beautiful to watch from inside your home but can be a real problem for any car that is left outside. When the snow builds up, you run the risk of your car getting damaged through the weight of the snow and when you try to dig it out to gain access to it. The extreme temperature change can also stop your engine from running, leaving you without a car to use when you need it. If you choose to store your car in one of our metal garage kits instead, you can attach your snow tires and chains and get to where you need to be with a car that is well looked after.

Invest in a Metal Garage for Security Too!

Metal garages are not just great protectors from Mother Nature, but they are also a great way to avoid having your car stolen or vandalized.

It’s a sad fact that car crimes are on the rise, and by paying the low metal garage prices, you can sleep better at night knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to keep your car safe.

Let Coast to Coast Carports Supply the Best Metal Garage Options for You!

At Coast to Coast Carports, we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of metal buildings in the United States and offer a wide range of options so that you can get the best metal garage solution for your needs. Our metal garage prices are the best, and our buildings are all made and distributed from within America.

If you are ready to find out more about the options you can choose from, or want to know more about our metal garages and how we can custom design one for you, then get in touch with our dedicated team of experts. We can’t wait to take your call – so get in touch today at (866) 681-7846!

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