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Metal Barns Are Perfect for Commercial Uses
28Dec 2022Metal Barns

Metal Barns Are Perfect for Commercial Uses

Metal Barns Are Perfect for Commercial Uses

Metal Barns and Business

Believe it or not, barns aren’t just used for farm buildings! Thanks to the versatility of steel construction, metal barns are regularly used in residential and commercial applications. They’re strong, durable, and built to take on about anything. As a result of these advantages, metal barn buildings have quickly risen to become one of the most popular options for storefronts, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and business offices.

And if you’re a business owner that’s looking for a permanent solution for all your infrastructure needs, a metal barn might be right up your alley. Below, we'll explore these structures in greater detail to find exactly why steel barns are perfect for your next commercial project!

The Advantages of Choosing a Metal Barn Building for Commercial Uses

There are many ways that metal barns can improve the quality of your business. Let’s take a quick look at just what these buildings bring to the table for business owners of all types:

1. High Structural Strength

Since steel naturally flexes when met with external forces, it can withstand incredible amounts of weight. This makes metal barns among the strongest construction options available- perfect for regions with high winds, heavy snowfall, and seismic activity.

2. Clear Span Technology

Some steel barns are built using clear span engineering, allowing them to be built at enormous sizes with no need for internal support columns. It gives businesses unparalleled square footage for oversized equipment, inventory, or display room. As a result, they're perfect for large-scale businesses such as manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping centers.

3. Long Lifespan

Metal barns are constructed using galvanized steel, infusing them with the ability to resist moisture, oxidation, mold, pests, and even fires as hot as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike wooden alternatives, steel can last for decades with minimal need for repair and maintenance.

4. Cost-Efficiency

Lumber prices have climbed high enough to make any traditional construction project a highly expensive endeavor. As a result, steel is now one of the most cost-effective options on the market, allowing you to build as large as you need without breaking the bank in the process.

5. Fire-Resistant

As mentioned, steel buildings can resist incredibly high temperatures. And while no building is actually fireproof, a steel structure will undoubtedly outperform any wooden alternative.

6. Customizability

Metal barns are among the most customizable structures around, capable of being altered and personalized from top to bottom. Easily change the framing thickness, paneling, roofing styles, windows, doors, and more! You’ll even be able to choose between custom color options to make your structure stand out from the crowd.

Various Commercial Uses for Metal Barns

Throughout this blog, we've mentioned metal barns and their versatility several times. And for a good reason! Let's look at how these buildings are used in the commercial sector!

1. Farming Purposes

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention just how helpful metal barns are on the farm! These structures have been used for years to protect livestock, house expensive equipment, and store important crops and food supplies.

2. Cold Storage

Did you know these structures can be outfitted to make excellent cold storage buildings? They're perfect for housing perishable products such as food, meat, and dairy products until they can reach stores.

3. Office Spaces

It may come as a surprise, but metal barns are regularly transformed into full-fledged office spaces. They're a fantastic, cost-effective option if you need offices for your business! Simply finish them with drywall, insulation, plumbing, and electricity, and you'll be set!

4. Workshops

Everyone has hobbies! And whether they're a harmless pastime or the start of a new business venture, you need the infrastructure to be productive. Luckily, metal barns provide just that. So they're a great solution for your next woodworking shop, workshop, or art studio.

5. Event Spaces

Sometimes your business will need to hold conferences, meetings, and events, and what better way to ensure you have the space for that than with a custom metal barn building? These structures have everything you need for large-scale conference centers, auditoriums, meeting spaces, and more.

6. Animal Boarding

Whether you're housing your K9 friends or stabling horses, metal barns are a long-lasting solution for your animals. They can be adapted for stalls, kennels, fencing, wash areas, and anything else to keep your four-legged friends safe, warm, and happy.

7. Retail

Did you know that many national retailers exclusively use steel buildings for their stores? In fact, over 80% of all new commercial construction projects are steel buildings! They're an excellent choice that gives you all the room you could need for housing inventory, displaying merchandise, and providing your customers with an exciting shopping excursion.

Custom Design Your Metal Barn

You simply can't speak about metal barns or prefab steel buildings without mentioning their customizability. These structures are engineered so that almost every facet can be customized to meet your business needs. Everything from the roofing system to your trim and wainscoting can be altered or changed by you.

You'll have complete control over your structure's size, dimensions, look, foundation, and color scheme. Choose a traditional, rustic look, or design a structure that fits a more contemporary appeal. The choice is yours! There are no limits to what you can do with steel and ingenuity!

Start Your Commercial Project Today with Coast to Coast Carports

It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in our metal barn kits or you’re designing a state-of-the-art agricultural compound; Coast to Coast Carports is dedicated to being your source for all things steel. Our buildings are built using high-quality components and advanced engineering techniques that allow them to stand tall for years with little need for maintenance.

So, if you’re looking for the best metal barns for sale, give Coast to Coast Carports a call today at (866) 681-7846. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process of designing and customizing a commercial-grade metal barn for your unique commercial needs!

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