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02Dec 2020Agriculture Buildings

How Much Can You Expect to Spend on Your Steel Riding Arena?


Horse Riding Arenas - Worth Every Penny

Whether you're a horse owner for pleasure or business, we understand how important it is that you provide your equine family with the proper amount of protection to keep them safe throughout the year. But without a shelter you can rely on, it can be difficult to keep your horses in good health. With one of our custom riding arenas, you can get exactly what you want and need, all for a price you can afford. Despite popular belief, our horse-riding arena prices are some of the most affordable in the metal building industry.

Financial Considerations

We understand how important it is that you get a reliable steel horse riding arena as soon as possible, but before you start spending your hard-earned money, there are a few things you'll need to take into consideration first. There are several factors that will affect the final price of your structure, including those we've listed below.

  • Size Dimensions of the Arena - The size dimensions of your horse riding arena play a crucial role in determining the final cost of your building project. To make it simple, the bigger the size dimensions for your riding arena, the higher the price you'll pay. However, that doesn't mean you'll have to compromise on your needs or desires to reduce the cost of your unit. Overall, you'll want to invest in a metal riding arena that will meet your needs and requirements for years to come, not just for the present.
  • Install Location of Your Structure - There are four ways the location of your arena will affect the final cost of your project; permit costs, site preparation costs, utility setup costs and local building codes and requirements. While you can find most of this information by contacting your local building department and zoning office, some of it can also be determined by the design and setup of your riding arena.
  • Local and State Building Codes and Permits - Every city and county have their own building codes and requirements that will need to be met in order to have a metal structure installed on your property. And depending on these specific building codes, you may be required to obtain a permit for your structure, making sure it will meet your county's wind and snow loads. While it's crucial that you acquire all the required permits, they can cost an additional amount of money to obtain.
  • Site Preparation Costs - Before a steel riding arena can be installed on your property, there are several site preparations you'll need to complete first. These include clearing the site of all debris and vegetation, having it leveled and making sure your foundation is laid properly. It's your responsibility as the customer to ensure these steps are complete, which also means it's your responsibility to pay for any additional preparation charges.
  • Additional Customization Options - In addition to the custom size dimensions of your structure affecting its final price, its additional customization options will also affect the cost. Our customizations include standard and premium colors, windows, doors, anchoring systems, additional paneling and several more. While some features may not call for additional charges, there are a few others that will.
  • Insulation Costs - While having your own metal riding arena may be a huge convenience, you can increase the overall comfortability and convenience by having the structure insulated. If you're planning to use the metal building as a place to store temperature-sensitive items, shelter animals or entertain people, we highly recommend insulating your unit. But just as most of the other customization options available, the insulation options offered at Coast to Coast Carports will also affect the final price you pay.

Why Investing in a Metal Horse Riding Arena is Worthwhile

While their initial upfront cost may seem to be out of your price range or simply too much for you to spend, there are more advantages to investing in a custom riding arena than disadvantages. Not only are these structures one of the most durable, reliable and longest lasting storage solution in the metal building industry, but they are made to provide you with a cost-effective residential, agricultural and commercial solution. A few of the other advantages you stand to benefit from with a custom horse riding arena include the options we've listed below.

  • Fire Resistant
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Adaptable
  • Resistant to Mold, Mildew and Pest Infestations

Get the Perfect Steel Building Riding Arena Cost Here at Coast to Coast Carports

No matter if you're planning to use your new investment as a place to enjoy horse riding, practice your routine for an upcoming show or a variety of other agricultural purposes, one of our steel riding arenas are perfect for most any need you have. You can learn more about these unique structures by visiting our website or you can call us today at +1 (866) 681-7846 to speak with one of our building experts.

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