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Tube-Framed Metal Buildings vs. Red Iron Buildings
22Sep 2021Agriculture Buildings

Tube-Framed Metal Buildings vs. Red Iron Buildings: An Overview

Tube-Framed Metal Buildings vs. Red Iron Buildings

Metal is considered one of the most versatile materials that, when used properly, can easily last for many years. Metal like iron and steel are great environmentally friendly materials because you can recycle and reuse them. When looking for a metal building, particularly prefab metal buildings like storage buildings and carports, you will have to face the question; tube frame or red iron frame construction?

As you can guess by the name, tube frame buildings utilize hollow metal tubes for framing. These tubes can be rectangular, square, or round, but you will find square-shaped tubes in most cases. While these may resemble pipes, the thicknesses and diameters of the tube frames can vary.

There are many advantages of using tubed framed metal building materials, which we will learn more about in this article. However, we can say that they do not require as much concrete to mount and are much easier to handle, which makes them perfect for DIY projects.

Red Iron Construction: What Is It?

Also known as the rigid frame, red iron construction is a term used for industrial-grade steel used for most small and mid-sized projects. These metal structures are also known as I-beams for their signature cross-section that looks like the letter I. These buildings can span up to a large area and can accommodate multiple framing options.

In most cases, you will see this type of construction in buildings like retail stores, churches, and more. Companies make these buildings out of structural steel instead of raw iron. However, the downfall here is that such materials are difficult to work with and mostly require large machinery to install since they are very heavy.

Since red iron construction is more difficult to work with, utilizing red iron buildings is also much more expensive.

Why Are Tubular Framed Metal Buildings Better Than Red Iron Construction?

Since it is a major financial decision, you should do careful consideration and research before making a final decision. Unlike other parts of your property like fences, you cannot take down buildings as easily because they are a major financial investment.

Hence, you need to understand why tubular framed metal buildings are better choices than red iron construction.

1. You Can Construct Tubular Framed Metal Buildings Quickly

As we have discussed, companies largely use red iron construction in large-sized buildings. Hence, if you plan on something smaller, tubular framed metal construction is considered the best choice.

There are many benefits of this type of construction, like steel tube construction being lighter and easier to transport, which adds to its flexibility factor. You do not have to keep waiting for the heavy gauge steel to arrive and can get done with your project in minimum time. Quick project completion also means spending less money overall.

2. Most Cost-Effective for Building Small-Scale Buildings Like Warehouses, Barns, and Garages

As discussed, tubed steel buildings are much easier to install and even disassemble. This is because these materials are much lighter and cheaper than their heavier gauge alternatives. You do not need to have a degree in engineering to figure out how to assemble something as simple as a garage, warehouse, or barn.

Most companies will also consider local weather conditions before sending you the steel tubed building materials. All these factors contribute to cost savings and will help you save a substantial amount of money by avoiding additional subcontracting.

3. Priced More Effectively

Of course, the overall cost of constructing a new building is something that you cannot brush aside easily. This cost will include the cost of the total number of components as well as the entire construction process. In this case, tubular framed metal building components are the best choice because they are inherently cheaper.

Additionally, you save on labor costs as well since you can get most of the work done on your own. As mentioned, steel is considered quite an affordable material that does not rot or decay like other construction materials.

4. Great Choice for DIY Projects

Most tubular framed metal building companies offer custom solutions to their customers. You can easily make use of these metal building kits for DIY projects because you will be able to purchase components that are not available anywhere else. As a result, you can easily create custom-designed buildings that perfectly suit your needs and/or your property.

The possibilities are nearly endless and only limited to your imagination. Even with customized parts, the finished product will be exactly like the one you had in your mind. All you need to do is pick the right company that provides custom components.

5. Light-Weight Factor

Another great aspect about tubular framed metal building components is that they are very lightweight. This means that you can easily purchase, transport, and build a new building very easily, without the requirement of heavy-duty machinery or additional labor.

However, while these materials may be lightweight, they do not compromise durability. These buildings will hold up well over time, even in the roughest weather conditions. The lightweight of the materials also means that you can create and dismantle the structures quickly.

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Here, you will only find top-quality prefabricated building materials with an array of customization opens, all with affordable pricing backed by their remarkable 20-year warranty. So get in touch with Coast to Coast Carports today at (886) 681-7846 to get started with the metal building you need!

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