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Our Storage Buildings are the Perfect Size for the Arkansas Forest and Timber Industry
16Dec 2021Agriculture Buildings

Our Storage Buildings are the Perfect Size for the Arkansas Forest and Timber Industry

Our Storage Buildings are the Perfect Size for the Arkansas Forest and Timber Industry

Arkansas Forest and Timber Industry Facts

Did you know that Arkansas is located in the epicenter of a region known as "America's Wood Basket?" In fact, the “Natural State” is home to woodland that stretches nearly 20 million acres, which is roughly half of the entire land in the state! About 58% of this timberland is privately owned. Forest and timber are leading cash crops for Arkansas, with the timber valued at over $900 million in recent years. This industry employs nearly 50,000 people and is a massive staple of the Arkansas economy.

Outside of timber and forestry, the state is the headquarters for numerous large corporations such as Walmart and Tyson Foods, to name a few. Additionally, manufacturing is huge in Arkansas. Manufacturing facilities employ roughly 13% of Arkansas' labor pool and rank 13th in the nation in terms of financial returns. But agriculture also plays a significant factor in the state’s economy, with the state being a leading contributor of rice, turkey, and broiler chickens.

The Best Types of Buildings for These Industries

Whether you’re logging swaths of hardwoods or manufacturing goods, these businesses depend on the sheer versatility and strength of metal buildings to operate. These structures are incredibly durable and can be constructed quickly, efficiently, and at scales simply not possible using traditional wooden construction methods.

These structures vary wildly in size and application – there are so many that it can be confusing to differentiate one from another. So, let's take a look at some of the building types that are regularly used in Arkansas:

1. Clear Span Buildings

A clear span structure is engineered not to require support columns. This design allows for extensive open square footage and is often used for industrial and agricultural applications.

2. Custom Buildings

"Custom metal buildings" is a blanket term used to define any prefab metal building, whether it’s a small equipment shed or an enormous warehouse. These structures are incredibly hardy, and the custom buildings offered by Coast to Coast Carports are certified to withstand the weather in most states across the US!

3. Metal Storage Buildings

Whether used in residential or commercial settings, storage buildings offer plenty of open square footage at a fraction of the price of similar-sized wooden structures. In some cases, they can save you 30% by choosing steel! We also have storage building kits that you can install on your own at a discount!

4. Warehouse Buildings

As we've mentioned, metal buildings can be constructed at enormous sizes. This makes them perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and industrial compounds. Additionally, these structures are highly customizable, a coveted feature that gives these businesses an edge.

5. Agricultural Buildings

Metal buildings are a prevalent construction type in the agricultural industry. They help keep food supplies and products safe from the elements. Additionally, some refrigerated buildings can keep meat and dairy products fresh until they can reach the market.

Popular Metal Building Sizes for the Forest and Timber Industry of Arkansas

The forest and timber industry often relies on metal structures to house their vehicles, equipment, and even offices. These structures are rugged, durable, and adaptable – qualities that are necessary when your business revolves around being deep in nature. These building types are so popular in the timber industry that we’ve put together a list of some of our most used sizes:

1. 32x40 Metal Buildings

A 32x40 metal building offers nearly 1,300 square feet of interior space. That's more than some smaller houses! Facilities of this size are often used for storing forestry equipment, including vehicles and timber gear.

2. 30x50 Metal Buildings

This building is slightly larger than the 32x40 option, giving it roughly 200 more feet of room. This option is great for office buildings and checkpoint lodges in mountainous areas. They can easily be finished out to make excellent traditional interior spaces.

3. 40x30 Metal Buildings

This structure is similar to the 32x40 building, except wider than it is long. These dimensions are fantastic for storing heavy equipment such as loaders, forklifts, and excavators. You won’t have to worry about rain and moisture ruining these expensive tools!

4. 60x60 Metal Buildings

Coming in at 3,600 square feet, this building is large enough for welcome centers, company headquarters, and storage facilities. If you need ample, unobstructed space, this is a great size for you!

5. 100x100 Metal Buildings

This is the real deal! A 100x100 building offers 10,000 square feet! It’s a perfect size for larger factories, warehouses, and industrial facilities. These buildings can be transformed to fit any need or application.

Metal Buildings Protect Arkansas Residents

If you've ever visited the deep south, you're quite aware of just how extreme the weather can be. Violent thunderstorms, enormous hail, tornadoes, and even hurricanes are a real threat to many residents of Arkansas. This is precisely why so many people are turning to the protection Arkansas metal buildings can provide. Stronger than wood and longer-lasting, steel buildings are some of the most solid construction options on the market. These buildings are engineered to withstand high winds, heavy rain, snowfall, and pretty much anything Mother Nature can hurl your way.

The strength of these building types makes them fantastic for both residential and commercial use. It doesn't matter whether you're constructing a metal garage in your backyard or you've opened up a new timber company; these buildings have your back no matter what.

Looking for “Metal Buildings in Your Area?” You’ve Come to the Right Place

Whether you're a resident of the "Natural State" or you live elsewhere in the US, metal buildings are some of the most cost-effective designs available. They can be built faster than wooden structures and at a fraction of the cost. Wood simply can't compete with our metal building prices!

So, if you’re looking for a structure that’s durable, long-lasting, and highly customizable, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help you design, customize, and install yours. With a dedicated team of building experts, Coast to Coast Carports aims to be your one-stop-solution for all things steel. From storage sheds to massive warehouses, we're the ones to call! So, what are you waiting for? Connect with our specialists today at (866) 681-7846 to build the structure of your dreams!

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