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12Jul 2020Metal Carports

Metal RV Carports vs. Fabric RV Covers: Which is Better?


Road trips, summer vacation, and making memories at around the campfire are more than just fun things to do with friends, family, and loved ones - they’re integral to a way of life that millions of Americans embrace each year. To facilitate these adventures, people all across the United States invest their time, money, and effort into RVs. Beyond being an important aspect of facilitating such an adventurous lifestyle, RVs are also quite the investment. They often come with a high price tag, require routine maintenance, and must be protected from the elements in order to retain their value and remain reliable year-after-year. When it comes to storing your RV when not traveling the country in the pursuit of the next great adventure, many RV owners face a dilemma - should they invest in an RV carport or a fabric RV cover? Great news - we’re here to answer that very question for you by providing you with the benefits (and drawbacks) of both options. That way, you can make the right choice for your unique needs and use your RV for memory-making for years to come!

RV Carports vs. Fabric RV Covers - Which One Should You Use?

When purchasing something intended to protect your valuable RV, you want to make sure it fits your needs and properly facilitates the care of your RV. By approaching it like an investment - something you will use for years and get substantial use out of - you can maximize the cost-effectiveness of your purchase. Both metal RV carports and fabric RV covers have features that can be beneficial, so familiarizing yourself with each can help inform your decision. Check out some of the key features below!

Steel RV Carports

There are many features that make steel RV carports an appealing option. It’s easy to imagine the advantages a building has that a fabric cover does not. All of those advantages and more make the investment in a metal RV carport well worth the money - especially when these metal structures are so affordable.

  • Versatility-Your metal RV carport can be used for almost any task. RV related or not! From protecting your RV from the elements and providing a fantastic space to perform maintenance to housing your hobby shop, a prefab RV carport can serve a variety of purposes. A fabric RV cover can’t claim such versatility.
  • Strength - While a cover may keep most of the elements out, when more extreme weather threatens, you’ll want more comprehensive, durable coverage. A metal carport is constructed with steel, helping it endure even the harshest of environments, from strong winds to heavy snowfall.
  • Customization - Metal RV carports from Coast to Coast Carports can be customized to your heart’s content, giving it the ability to facilitate your needs, no matter what they may be. Whether you want to build the ultimate RV garage or a hybrid building that can house your RV and your hobbies, Coast to Coast Carports can provide.

Fabric RV Covers

While fabric RV covers may not feature the array of benefits that metal RV carports do, they do have their own advantages. Check out a few of these benefits below!

  • Cost - Compared to metal RV carports, fabric RV covers are more affordable. If budget is paramount, the cost savings offered by fabric covers are hard to beat.
  • Compact- A building, by definition, permanently requires space in order to be built and used. A fabric RV cover can be easily stored when not in use, making it an easy choice for those without the open land.

And the Winner is!

Steel RV carports are simply too versatile, durable, and otherwise advantageous to ignore. While certain unique circumstances may call for a fabric RV cover, the question of which is better overall is hardly a question at all. Metal RV carports are the single best option for protecting and maintaining your RV, filling your various other needs, and serving you well for years to come.

Steel RV Carports from Coast to Coast Carports

When it comes to buying the best custom RV carport for your RV, no one provides better pricing, quality, and customer service than Coast to Coast Carports. It is this commitment to excellence that elevated Coast to Coast Carports above the competition. Call today on (866) 681-7846 for more of the tremendous benefits of metal RV carports and of Coast to Coast Carports.

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