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Why Custom Metal Carports Are the Best Option for Your Needs
22Dec 2022Metal Carports

Why Custom Metal Carports Are the Best Option for Your Needs

Why Custom Metal Carports Are the Best Option for Your Needs

Custom Metal Carports

Across the US, many vehicle owners search for a durable, affordable way to keep their car safe from the elements. And time and again, custom metal carports have proven to be a tried-and-true solution for protecting your cars from rain, wind, snow, and ice.

But strength and cost-effective design is only a part of what makes these structures such a popular option for many homeowners. Customizable from top to bottom, metal carports can be configured in many ways, allowing them to work for almost any job.

So, if you've been looking for a way to protect your vehicles from the elements or simply want to keep your valuables safe from wind and rain, you're on the right track. Below, we'll break down these structures, show you some exciting ways they can be used, and discuss a few different available size options.

Why Customize a Metal Carport?

We know that carports are pretty versatile on their own. But what makes their customizability stand out? Let’s take a quick look a why you might want to add custom additions to your structure.

1. Personalized Needs

Sometimes a cookie-cutter approach just doesn't work for everyone's needs. Luckily, metal carports can be custom designed to serve a wide range of purposes. Design them for backyard applications or adapt them for commercial use. There are no limits when you’re working with the power of steel.

2. Standing Up to Mother Nature

Few building types can compete with the strength of steel. Steel naturally flexes when met with external forces, making them the perfect choice for regions with volatile weather patterns.

3. Cost-Efficiency

No matter how you cut it, steel is far more affordable than lumber or stick-built construction options. In fact, many steel buildings can be built up to 40% cheaper than wooden alternatives.

4. Additional Accessibility

Steel engineering is the way to go if you're hoping to add extra layers of functionality to your carport. Easily add doors, windows, and custom features that make using your building easy and hassle-free.

5. Property Value

Properly permitted carports are generally included on property appraisals, effectively increasing your overall property value. Adding customizations to these structures makes them worth more in the long run.

6. Minimal Maintenance

While not part of any customization, steel's ability to resist the elements is legendary. Galvanized steel framing and paneling can resist moisture penetration, oxidation, mold, and pests and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit!

7. Changing Needs

Over time, your needs might change. Luckily, steel carports are adaptable enough that they can grow with you. Add wall paneling to make an enclosed structure, add rooms, lean-tos, and any customization that fits your ever-changing needs!

Fascinating Custom Uses for Metal Carports

Since steel carports are some of the most adaptable structure types on the market, they can be used in many applications without missing a beat. In fact, let's take a look at just a few ways customers use their custom carports!

1. Pet Shelters

If you're the proud owner of several fur babies, you already know that keeping them sheltered, fed, and safe is a big part of the job. And with a steel carport, you can ensure they always have the needed room. Steel carports can be adapted with stalls, fencing, wash areas, multiple doors, and anything you want to keep your four-legged friends happy.

2. Open Workshops

There are plenty of tasks that need to be completed, but the weather isn’t always cooperative. So why not solve this problem with the power of steel? Metal carports make perfect open shelters for maintaining vehicles, protecting equipment, or performing hobbies and side jobs. And with a steel roof over your head, you’ll have the ability to work year-round.

3. Outdoor Event Spaces

Whether a concert venue or a church meeting space, metal carports provide plenty of coverage for all the social events in your life. Plan picnics, reunions, singings, and more without worrying about Mother Nature's role in the event!

4. Utility Storage

Sometimes you just need to keep your tools and equipment safe and dry. It may be that expensive mowing deck or your old toolbox, but with the power of steel, you’ll never have to worry about your costly tools and supplies being ruined by mold, rust, or decay.

5. Agricultural Storage

For years, steel structures have been prized by farmers and growers for their roles on the farm. Metal carports are a great way to protect crucial equipment such as tractors and combines from the elements. They can even be enclosed to make fantastic horses, livestock, or feed storage facilities!

6. Recreational Uses

Perhaps you're looking for a way to escape the grind and relax. So why not custom design a metal carport and transform it into a fully enclosed entertainment room? Add electricity, plumbing, projectors, and furniture, and you have the key elements to make a fantastic home theater or game room!

Various Carport Types

When you purchase a metal carport, you'll choose between a wide range of models, sizes, and styles. And if you're not familiar with the industry, identifying the proper structure for your needs might not be immediately apparent. But that's okay because we'll break it down for you! Let's take a look at some different types of carport options!

1. One-Car Carports

A one-car carport typically starts at 12x12 and is designed to comfortably protect a single smaller vehicle. However, if you need extra room to move around, these structures can be customized to larger sizes, such as 14x16 or 16x20 size options.

2. Two-Car Carports

As you may have guessed, this carport option is engineered to house two smaller sedan or coupe-style cars. Some will range between 16' and 20' wide but can be as large as 26' if you own larger vehicles.

3. Three-Car Carports

If you are a member of a multi-car family, a three-car carport might be the right speed for your needs. These buildings are typically broader and longer than two-car options and are great for housing larger-sized vehicles like trucks and SUVs.

4. RV Carports

These carports are designed wider, taller, and longer than traditional carports to handle oversized recreational vehicles like tour buses, motorhomes, and RVs. They're an excellent investment if you expect to protect your vehicle from rust, UV exposure, and fluctuating temperatures in the off-season.

5. Metal Carport Kits

For those that possess a true DIY spirit, metal carport kits are a fantastic, cost-effective option. These carports come with all the elements you’d find in a traditional one, two, or three-car carport, except you complete the installation yourself for a discount. It's an excellent choice for those who want to avoid lengthy installation times or save a few bucks on installation fees.

Coast to Coast Carports Is Your Destination for Carports of All Sizes

No matter the storage need, you can count on Coast to Coast Carports to deliver excellence in steel. From our small steel sheds to full-sized garages, we have the skills to make your storage dreams come true. And the best part? We have fantastic metal carport prices and back them up with industry-backed warranties and guarantees!

So, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home or business with a custom metal carport, give Coast to Coast Carports a call at (866) 681-7946! We’ll help you design and customize the steel structure of your dreams!

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