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Upgrade the Look of Your 2-Car Carport for Summer
29May 2022Metal Carports

Upgrade the Look of Your 2-Car Carport for Summer

Upgrade the Look of Your 2-Car Carport for Summer

Beating the Summer Heat

Metal carports are a long-lasting method of protecting your cars, RVs, and boats safe from the elements. Each day, harsh UV rays beat down on cars and trucks, eating through clear coats and destroying the paint. In addition to ruining the look of your vehicle, it also dries out important components and shortens its lifespan.

Now, ultraviolet radiation can ruin paint jobs year-round, but it's truly destructive during the summer months. And whether you're buying a new carport or simply updating an existing one, you want it to look its best. To help make sense of all the options available to you, we've put together a few ways you can upgrade the look of your two-car carport.

Why Choosing a Custom Metal Carport is the Right Choice

With summer inbound, it’s the perfect time to purchase a carport to protect your cars, trucks, tools, and equipment from the elements. But why a metal carport specifically? There are several reasons these steel structures are the most effective choice.

UV Resistance

As we’ve mentioned, one of the biggest factors in the deterioration of vehicles comes from the sun. And, with summer right around the corner, your cars, equipment, tools- even those new mowers, are on the chopping block. But with a custom metal carport, you can rest easy knowing your most important possessions are safe from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Steel Beats Wood

Wooden car covers might be an effective, albeit costly, solution, but they aren’t nearly as capable of withstanding the elements as steel buildings are. UV rays can bleach and crack wood over time, causing it to become brittle and discolored. As a result of these elemental weaknesses, wooden carport owners must constantly repair and maintain their structure to keep it from breaking down. Between the seasonal application of sealants and the non-stop risks of pest infiltration, you’ll spend more time repairing the structure than enjoying it. But not with cold, hardened steel. Steel structures are designed to last for years against some of the harshest conditions in the nation. From UV rays to storms, snowfall, and even seismic activity, there are few construction options up to environmental challenges like steel.

Upgrading a 2 Car Carport

Let's say you've just pulled the trigger on a brand new premium custom carport. You're already set for years of reliable service! But what if you want to take your new, or old, structure to the next level? Below, we've put together a handy guide for upgrading your two-car carport.

1. Additional Features

If you decide that you'll need more room or features for your structure, you can always expand! Since prefab metal buildings are designed and manufactured in a controlled setting, they can easily be modified for additional rooms, windows, doors, and more. Want to enclose your carport? We can easily transform your two-car carport into a fully functional garage!

2. Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Structure

Sometimes a spruce-up is all you need! You can clean your structure with a pressure washer and handle any needed maintenance to keep everything in working order.

3. Light Up Your Carport

Adding lighting fixtures to your property can do wonders for changing the tone and feel of your property. So why not your carport? Solar lighting kits or landscaping lights are a great, cost-effective way to upgrade your building.

4. Landscaping

Adding bushes, flowers, and other landscaping items around your metal carport is an affordable way to transform the look of your structure. How about mulch beds, benches, and solar lighting? The only limits are your budget and your imagination!

5. Paint

While your carport is likely to have UV resistant paint that makes it tough and durable against harsh sunlight, you might want to change things up! So, why not add a fresh coat of paint? Giving your carport a splash of color can do wonders for the look and feel of your building.

Expanding Your Carport

As you grow and your needs change, you may find that your carport doesn't offer the room you need. Luckily, there are few structure types better suited for expansion than prefab metal carports. So, let's take a look at a few things you can change or expand on your current structure.

1. Side Paneling

The only thing that separates a carport from a garage is extra framing, paneling, and doors. If you want a spot for your vehicles and tools that's completely dry and out of the elements, a great way to do that is with paneling. It's perfect for those that love to maintain their cars and trucks year-round.

2. Windows and Doors

If you choose to enclose your two-car carport, you'll need at least one door. But if you're going to go through the effort of expanding your building, it pays to do it right. Metal buildings can be adapted with many different door and window types. From simple entryway doors to large garage doors, there are no limits to how you can change and adapt your carport.

3. Extending Your Building

If you find that you have more family cars than the room, you can easily extend or expand your two-car carport. You'll have a wide set of customization options that allow you to choose between lengthening your structure or expanding the width. You can even add whole additional rooms to your building!

Buy and Customize Your Two-Car Carport with Coast to Coast Carports!

No matter the need, you can rest assured that Coast to Coast Carports has you covered with a vast selection of carports, prefab metal buildings, and carport kits. These structures are engineered for fast construction, cost-effective design, and longevity. So, if you want to protect your cars, boats, ATVs, or RVs from the blazing summer sun, now's the time to act! We offer the best financing packages in the industry, and if financing isn't your thing, we also have great Rent-to-Own packages as well! Give us a call at (866) 681-7846 and let our team of building experts help you design, customize, and realize a two-car carport or metal garage for you and your family.

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