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22Jan 2017Metal Carports

Protecting Your Camper During the Winter Months


Protecting your camper during the winter months can pose a challenge, especially for folks who live in areas of the country that experience severe winter weather. Even in June and July, the UV rays from the hot summer sun will take their toll on your expensive investment as paint begins to fade and parts begin to decompose. Plastic covers and tarps offer only sub par protection for your RV. A metal carport is a cost-effective solution that offers the best protection for your RV or camper. We build affordable custom camper carports that will fit perfect on your property.

We are the Leader in the Construction of Metal Buildings for Personal or Commercial Use

Coast to Coast Carports is a leader in the market of metal building manufacturing. We construct and install enclosed metal garages, RV covers, barns, storage units, and other protective a-frames for customers in 48 states. In business for the past 15 years, Coast-to-Coast Carports offers fast delivery times, a 20 year warranty, free deliver and installation, and financing options. We make protecting your camper during the winter months an affordable and easy process for customers. Our goal is for customers to enjoy a streamlined installation process.

Metal Carports, Metal Sheds, Metal Barns and Much More

We manage the construction of construction of carports, storage sheds, RV covers, storage units, agricultural buildings, and colonial style buildings. Managing the construction of buildings both small and large, we tailor each project to fit the expectations and needs of the individual customer. If you prefer to take the lead on your own project, our metal carport kits allow customers to construct their own metal buildings and carports! There are several benefits to constructing a carport on your property, with protection being only one of them. Constructing a carport or a-frame allows you to store tools, equipment, and other expensive valuables you wish to shield from harsh winter weather conditions. Coast to Coast Carports metal buildings are built with extra corner braces, snow braces, anchoring, and stronger bows than those included by our competitors. The certified buildings by Coast to Coast carports adequately protect your investments from harsh weather all year round.

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