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Benefits of Installing a Utility Carport

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Benefits of Installing a Utility Carport

Are you thinking about adding a carport to your home or property? Then why not consider the benefits offered by a fully customized utility carport? But what’s a utility carport? Basically, it’s a hybrid between a small garage, shed, and carport that provides easy access to an enclosed, weather-protected storage or workshop area. Coast To Coast Carports, Inc. offers a wide variety of metal carport configurations and features that will ensure that your utility carport can handle all your needs. Learn more about the many benefits you can take advantage of when you install a utility carport of your own.

Extra Storage Space

For most Americans, extra storage space is incredibly useful and practical. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor recreation, property maintenance, tools, and vehicles. Not only do people put cars, trucks, boats, and tractors under their carport shelters, they also try to add bicycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, and lots more. A carport with storage—like our utility carport—provides the extra storage space you need to store your extra stuff and keep it well protected from the elements.

Create the Perfect Workshop

If you need an extra workspace, the storage areas in our utility carports can be customized with wood floors, insulation, side-entrance doors, and windows to make a comfortable and cost-saving workshop area. Along with the natural light from windows, Coast to Coast can further customize your new workshop space by wiring it with electricity to provide additional lighting, heating, and outlets for your power tools or other electric needs.

Customization is Key

Whatever your intended use, the robust metal construction and customizable configuration options will ensure that your utility carport will effectively serve your needs for years to come. Among the first customizable options you should consider are size, roof lines, and doors. Coast To Coast Carports offers a range of utility carport sizes, with the most commonly chosen ranging from 18’ x 31’ x 6’ and 30’ x 41’ x 7’, and a standard storage area size of 10′-12′, depending on its location within the configuration. Roof lines can be regular or A-frame, and both can be customized for vertical entry. Door options include garage-style roll-up and walk-in. Garage-style roll-up doors are usually located under the covered shelter area, while walk-in doors are typically placed on the sides of storage areas to allow for easy access when vehicles are blocking the roll-up doorway.

To complete your customization, Coast To Coast Carport offers customizable paneling and trim options in 14 different colors. You can find paneling in 26 and 29 gauge and, thanks to our industrial press, we can manufacture any trim piece up to 21 feet long.

Let Us Configure Your Perfect Utility Carport

Whether for storage or workshop purposes, talk to Coast To Coast Carports about configuring a customizable hybrid carport that can affordably meet your needs. As implied by the name, Coast To Coast Carports delivers and installs customizable carport solutions across the country. As the nation’s leading manufacturer of steel buildings, our team of friendly experts stands ready to help you find the perfect carport to meet your needs. Contact Coast To Coast Carports today to learn more about all of our metal building features and how we can customize a utility carport for you!

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