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08Nov 2020Metal Buildings

Have a Compact Yard? Check Out These Metal Shed Packages


When space is limited in your yard, you need the most versatile possible building solution. No matter what your needs may be - from storing lawn care equipment to decluttering your home - a metal shed from Coast to Coast Carports can be customized and designed to facilitate them. Thanks to the diverse offerings of Coast to Coast Carports, you can have your dream steel shed delivered and installed in a quick, cost-effective manner. Regardless of your intended use or available space, Coast to Coast Carports will work with you to make your vision a reality. That’s why many Americans are turning to Coast to Coast Carports and its metal building for all of their space needs. With popularity rising and demand at an all-time high, the appeal of metal sheds is no longer a secret. Read on to discover how investing in a steel shed of your own could transform your compact yard into a productive haven.

Exceptional Results

Coast to Coast Carports specializes in maximizing the results of your available space even when the building is minimal in size. Because metal sheds are prefabricated and delivered by the manufacturer, they are exceptionally easy to customize and install. In fact, you can even opt for a metal shed kit that is easily assembled in a do-it-yourself fashion. There are several quick customizations that can be made, from weather management features such as roof designs. Coast to Coast Carports offers complete customization with all of the benefits of steel structures and uncompromising quality.

One-Door Metal Sheds

For those with very small parcels of land, a one-door steel shed is a wonderful option that is simultaneously compact and roomy enough to facilitate your various needs. Measuring in at approximately 20 by 24 feet, this slim metal shed can sport an eight-by-eight foot garage door, allowing you to easily move things in and out regardless of size. You can even use it for a vehicle. If your property is short on space, you can maximize every bit of it with a one-door metal shed. Rather than leaving areas unused, put them to work with a one-door prefabricated shed from Coast to Coast Carports. To ensure your metal shed with one door solves your space issues, an expert from Coast to Coast Carports will be happy to work with you and your unique situation.

Two-Door Metal Sheds

The best option for those with a bit of extra space but not enough to warrant a full-size building is a two-door metal shed. These structures take productivity and versatility to the next level by providing you with ample space to do everything from running a home business to storing multiple vehicles. Those who require office space, have recreational vehicles, want a hobby shop, or otherwise have used for a surprisingly large amount of usable space can benefit from a two-door metal shed. Measuring 25 by 30 feet, two-door steel sheds create a custom space that is safe, secure, and as versatile as you need it to be. Like a one-door metal shed, an eight-by-eight foot opening graces two-door metal sheds. However, a second equally sized opening is also included, further increasing the functionality of the building. Making the best use of your space and enhancing your property has never been easier than it is with a two-door steel shed.

Maximize Your Property with Coast to Coast Carports

A small space can’t limit your big dreams if you have Coast to Coast Carports on your side. As the best manufacturer of metal sheds in the United States, Coast to Coast Carports has established itself as the highest-quality metal building manufacturer in the country. When you consider this unsurpassed quality in conjunction with Coast to Coast Carports’ industry-leading customer service, fast and free delivery, and 20-year rust-through warranty, it’s easy to see why Americans from all walks of life turn to Coast to Coast Carports for their metal building needs. To learn more about how a metal shed can maximize the potential of your property, give Coast to Coast Carports a call today on [(866) 681-7846](tel:(866) 681-7846). An experienced metal building professional will walk you through the customization and ordering process, answer your questions, and otherwise guide you to the best solution to your needs, regardless of available space.

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