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Growing Your Public Storage Business with Metal Building Kits
23Jun 2021Metal Buildings

Growing Your Public Storage Business with Metal Building Kits

Growing Your Public Storage Business with Metal Building Kits

If you own a public storage business, you have probably noticed a rise in the number of customers that want to access your service. This is because more people than ever before are downsizing, house sharing, or moving from one place to another without the need for all their goods. This growth began in 2013 and continues to rise, offering public storage owners the opportunity to grow their business to meet demand.

If you are interested in increasing the storage space you have available, then prefab metal building kits may be the ideal solution, and Coast to Coast Carports is here to help!

Think About These Points Before You Get Started

Before you jump into expanding your public storage business, take some time to consider the following points so that you can assess if you are ready to make such a big move:

• Evaluate Your Current Metal Storage Building Before Expanding

It is particularly important that you evaluate the current storage building you have before making any firm plans to expand. The condition of the current storage building will determine whether you can successfully expand to create more space. Firstly, ensure that the building is in good condition. If the structure is not in good condition, then you should consider undertaking any remedial work that is required to get the structure back up to scratch. Once the building is in an adequate condition to be able to expand successfully, you need to check that all codes and regulations are met. These can change over time, and so even if your building was compliant when it was first built, it may no longer be, and so you will have to make sure before you plan your expansion works.

• Choosing the Right Location is Key to Growing a Successful Business

If you are choosing to install a metal storage building to use as public storage, then location is going to be an important factor for you. You need to have a location that is convenient for people to get to but with enough room for you to expand. If you build on a location with limited scope to expand, then you will find it difficult to grow your business.

• Make Sure Your Foundations are Strong Enough for Your Expansion

If you are expanding your storage, you will have the option to expand out or up. If you want to expand up and create more stories for your storage facility, then it is vitally important that the existing foundations are of suitable strength. If they are not, then you will have problems at some point, and your metal storage may become unsafe.

If you choose to expand outwards, then you need to also make sure that any foundations on the site where your expansion will be located are adequate to hold the structure. If the land around your public storage units has not yet been developed or has been vacant for a long time, you are likely going to need to lay good quality foundations before you begin expanding. Taking the time to get it right at the start will mean that you are less likely to encounter problems later.

• Consider What Additional Preparation is Needed Before You Plan Your Expansion

Once you have chosen where you want to expand to with your metal storage building, you will need to check the site for any pre-existing utilities and drainage. If there are utilities and drainage available to be used, this may impact the layout or final location of your expansion. If there are no utilities and drainage in place, you will need to install these before you build your new expansion.

Do You Want to Expand Your Current Storage to Create More Space?

For your public storage business to grow, it will become necessary to expand your units to be able to offer more storage space. The way that you do this will depend on your current location, the metal structure that you currently have, and the budget you have for expansion. Take a look at the following options to help you plan your expansion:

• Reconfiguration of small units

If you do not have the space to expand your units outwardly, this doesn't mean that you have no options to create more useable spaces. Reconfiguring the inside of your metal buildings will allow you to create more units out of the space you already have.

• Building more units

If you do have the scope to expand, then building more units is a very sensible option. With prefab metal buildings available to expand on what you currently have, this is a simple and cost-effective way of creating more useable spaces to store a variety of items.

• Building two-story metal building

Having a unit that doesn’t have the space to expand outwards lends itself to expanding by creating an additional story. This allows you to increase your useable units without increasing your footprint. This can save money, but you need to ensure any regulations regarding height are followed.

Think About Customer Needs

When you have decided on what you are going to install, then you will need to think about how to attract new clients and what they will need from you. The most successful public storage businesses offer the following options to keep their clients happy:

• Accessible opening times

Offering opening times that start early and end late will enable more people to access your facility as it suits them, resulting in more clients.

• Easy loading and unloading areas

Supporting your clientele with easy drop-off and pick-up locations will encourage them to store with you as they will not have to work out how they are going to move heavy items from the parking lot. You can even have equipment installed to help them, such as trolleys, cages, and lifting kit.

• A range of storage sizes that are well equipped

Not everyone will want the same sized space, so creating different size options and ensuring that there is equipment such as shelving available in some will help you attract all types of clients.

• Internet access

Some clients will be storing items of value in your storage pods, and having internet access will allow them to set up a live stream so that they can have peace of mind when they drive away.

Add Climate Control for a Revenue Boost

Many people want to ensure that their belongings will be stored safely and not incur any damage during their storage period. In fact, most storage customers that are looking for climate control will pay up to a third more for a climate-controlled unit, bringing you more revenue per square foot than ever before.

If you decide to install a climate-controlled system, then the following tips will help you to get the best results:

• Keep access to the spaces on internal corridors to keep the temperature from varying too much. • Humidity levels need to be kept at 50% or less to stop mildew and mold from occurring. • Add premium insulation during building so that your operating expenses are kept as low as possible. • If you are located in a hot area, then you may also want to add a roof with cool-coating to reduce the amount of air-conditioning that is required.

Why You Should Choose Metal Building Kits

When you install a metal building kit to expand your public storage business, you are sure to be impressed at all the advantages it offers. Take a look at the main positives to choosing metal buildings:

• They are resilient

Metal buildings offer some of the best strength and durability because they are made from quality steel and can withstand extreme weather and heavy snowfall without damage.

• They are fire, pest, and rust-resistant

When you install a metal building, you can look forward to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that fire cannot destroy it, pests can't penetrate it, and that the materials have been treated, so they don't rust.

• They are versatile

No matter what your building shape or size is, metal storage buildings can be designed to fit. This means that your current building will not need extensive works in order to grow your business as you see fit.

Let Your Business Grow with Coast to Coast Carports

It is clear that public storage is an industry ripe for development, and if you are keen to add on to your existing storage, then we have the metal storage buildings that you need. Choosing Coast to Coast Carports is a wise decision as we are the leading manufacturer of metal buildings across the US and offer high-quality, great prices and the ability to customize your order to suit your needs.

All the orders we receive are delivered fast and free so that you can start growing your business as quickly as possible. Call us today at (866) 681-7846, and speak to a member of our team to get the ball rolling!

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